Discovering the Beauty of Taal Volcano in the Philippines

By Tim Kroeger September 11, 2019 Asia, Philippines

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Tourism is an excellent source of livelihood in the Philippines. And with the growing popularity of Taal Volcano as the world’s smallest active volcano, more tourists are coming to see such unique attraction.

Known in the local area as Bulkang Taal, the complex volcano found in Luzon has 33 recorded eruptions in the history. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular view from Tagaytay Ridge while seeing the overall picturesque scenery of the Taal Lake.

Coming from Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, you will reach this travel destination by travelling about 50 kilometers south of the city.

However, with quite a few violent eruptions which caused the death of 5,000-6,000 inhabitants in Taal, the volcano is appointed as Decade Volcano offering commendable opportunities for close studies intended to avoid future natural calamities.

In 1821, the volcano is called Bombou with plenty of historical highlights to reminisce apart from the tragic eruptions it had.

Things to Expect from Taal Volcano and Lake

If you are planning to visit Taal Volcano, you’ll have to travel to Talisay and San Nicolas, Batangas. But rest assured that the communities surrounding the tourist spot are friendly and accommodating.

You will meet locals from the municipalities of Mataas na Kahoy, Balete, Cuenca, Alitagtag, Santa Teresita, Agoncillo, Laurel, and Talisay as well as the cities of Lipa and Tanauan, Batangas.

When it comes to the Vulcan point, the crater lake is in fact the world’s largest lake you will see on an island. In addition, the small rocky island is actually the relic of the aged crate floor that’s bordered by a 2-kilometer wide lake.

Taal Volcano has a low-profile, pre-caldera creation topography and is not actually a strato-cone landscape. Today, it is covered by ignimbrite sheets that perfectly make it a natural phenomenon people should see in their lifetime.

The following are some interesting facts regarding the increasing popularity of Taal Volcano:

  • The volcano’s caldera is filled with water to a degree.
  • It’s actually formed by the powerful eruptions it had decades ago.
  • The lake and volcano provides spectacular views you will only experience here in the Philippines. The elevation is at 400 meters.
  • Being one of the active volcanoes found in the Philippines, it is the smallest volcano you will ever see.
  • The ultimate recorded explosion happened in 1754. It is the alleged 200-day explosion that unbelievably lasted between May 15 and December 1.
  • The Vulcan point is said to be the largest island in the world located on an island and a lake.

Boat rides are offered in Taal Lake shores to help tourists explore the area. Once you’ve crossed the lake, you can discover the beauty of the Volcano island while riding a horse. 

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Discovering the Beauty of Taal Volcano in the Philippines

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