Ultimate List of Best things to do in Paris

By Tim Kroeger September 7, 2019 Europe, France

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If you’re looking for some exciting activities to do before the end of the year, Paris is the place to go. In fact, autumn is a great season to visit the city and see amazing events that only happen in a year.

The place is just filled with lots of interesting things that all types of tourists can do. So check out the following insights and see what you can do when you visit Paris this autumn.


Parisians usually leave the city during summer because of the terrible climate. But when the -ber months arrive, they all come back to welcome the season’s la rentrée.

Supposedly, it is the start of school season where you will see new pencils and pressed uniforms. But the real essence of autumn is the reinvigoration of artistic and intellectual life.

Even though the leaves are falling off the trees, the city beautifully blooms into something exciting. The entire city is filled with various cultural events participated by Parisians and foreign tourists. The events last throughout the season.

Things to Do in Paris – Activities & Attractions

1. Magritte Painting Exhibit at Pompidou

If you haven’t seen the masterpieces of this Belgian surrealist painter named Magritte yet, it’s time to check out his remarkable paintings in Centre Pompidou.

You will witness the impressive sculptures, drawings, and paintings of this famous artist while enjoying the autumn show between 21st September and 23rd of January.

2. Eiffel Tower

Even if you have seen the Eiffel Tower several times already, you will always be amazed of the beauty of the place in autumn. It’s even lovelier to see the tower with your date while drinking champagne.

With more than 7 million tourists coming to Paris every year, you need to pre-book your tour in order to avoid longer lines during this peak season.

3. Seine River cruise

Seeing the best scenes in Paris is truly an amazing experience. So be sure to visit the Seine River when you take a tour in the city. An evening cruise will give you a more romantic dinner date experience and see fantastic shows available in the area. All you need to do is organize your itinerary and ensure the availability of seats during the cruise.

Bike tour in Versailles

Biking is a popular activity you can do while in the city of Paris. You will surely love biking and explore through pastures and forests, gardens of Versailles, local market, and even in the historic buildings. And to gain access to the chateau, you can get a VIP pass for more adventurous bike tour.

Night-walking tour

Do you want to experience the mysteries, legends, and ghost stories in Paris? If so, you can try the night-walking tour to explore the tales about the inexplicable events in the city.

On this tour, you will see hidden alleys and winding streets that have been established some 2,000 years ago. You will learn about the wars, Black Plague, ghost stories, and other unexplained legends. This is a perfect activity to do this October.

Wine tasting and an evening tour in Louvre

For more fun and exciting adventures, you can go to the chateau and taste some wines. Also, you can visit Louver at night and see some amazing sights such as artwork and masterpieces created by famous artists in Paris.

The wine tasting experience will surely tickle your taste buds with other pleasurable things to try in the chateau.

Normandy countryside tour

If you want to relive the highlight during World War II, you need to take a tour in Normandy. The site offers memorials, cemeteries, and landing beaches during the war. You can take a small group tour to completely enjoy the adventure.

Claude Monet and Giverny gardens tour

I you love to see the flowers freshly blooming in Paris, check out Giverny and Claude Monet gardens. However, August is usually the best time to visit the place because the gardens are in full bloom. In some artworks, these gardens are featured as the subject due to the natural beauty it provides the painting.

Join the concerts held at La Sainte Chapelle

If you love attending concerts and operas, this is the perfect way to go. Classical musicians perform on these events with remarkable recitals and shows especially during the evenings of August.

Special performances at Notre Dame Cathedral

The special shows at the 850-year old cathedral will also amaze and entertain you. For the love of classical compositions, this is an ideal way to boost your inclination in music.

Museum hopping

Visitors love visiting the popular museums in Paris. Whether you want to see popular exhibits or check out the latest entries of your favorite artist, this is the perfect activity to do. Painters like Charles Gleyre, Renoir, Monet, Whistler, Sisley, and many other renowned artists in the country.

Fountain show

If you want to see the grand fountain show, don’t forget to visit Versailles. The fountains are choreographed to the music and seem to dance with the lights.

Paris Opera

This is the ultimate way to witness the masterpieces of celebrated performers in Paris’ opera scene. Usually, you will see them perform in grand hotels like Hotel National des Invalides. The acts are amazingly performed by famous recitalists such as the Tosca under Dan Ettinger’s baton.

Paris ballet performances

There’s nothing more stunning than seeing the ballerinas perform on stage. They usually perform at Palais Garnier with ballet choreographies by William Forsythe, Justin Peck, Tino Sehgal, and Crystal Pite.

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Ultimate List of Best things to do in Paris
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