Ultimate List of Best things to do in London

By Tim Kroeger August 25, 2019 Europe, United Kingdom

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London has a sound background in historic traditions. It offers a varieties of landmarks, classical buildings with advanced and traditional touch.

This city is round the clock developing to offer, that other can’t. If you haven’t been to London before, well it its good then because we will offer you a list of 20 things to do in London.


Things to Do in London – Activities & Attractions

The Houses of Parliament

Official name is Palace of Westminster but commonly known as The House of Parliament. But to the lack of population here, it is known by its previous name.

When a mesmerizing building catches your eye on the foot hills of River Thames in Westminster, bear it in mind that this is the House of Parliament.

If you are a political geek, then a tour can also be arranged for you to look inside. But if do not have that much interest in Britain history, then praise it from the external walls.

Buckingham Palace

Queen of England lives in Buckingham palace. Situated at the focal point, it is at the upper side of Pall Mall which is next to St James’ Park and Green Park.

If you are interested to pay a visit, you can call for a call around the Plane one after noon to feel the sense of royalty. Or else just fill your eye from the external wall.

The London Eye

In the year 2000, the doors of London Eye were opened for the public. After its inaugural till the year 2013, it was the biggest Ferris Wheel in the entire globe and also till 2013 it was the most repeated view for metropolitan and tourists.

If you are interested to pay a visit to the London eye, grab a ticket and sit tight in the little pod. And when you in London you must come to this see this place.

While seeing this marvel from ground, you will also enjoy a lot. This palace is an apple of the eye of London.

Trafalgar Square

The building like a square near Nelson’s Column is Trafalgar Square. A history win against Napoleon in the Battle of Trafalgar by the Britain Navy, won this place the title of Trafalgar Square.

It has the back view of National Gallery with an admirable fountain. You can visit this place because it is a huge public place, where you are allowed to sit too.

Due to the huge space, people often are gathered here to protest, many public events are also celebrated here. And in Christmas, when the tree is place in the center, the view then is breath taking.

The Natural History Museum

On the Cromwell road and in the South Kensington, you will find The Natural History Museum. Even if you have not so much interest for natural history but you can go there to appreciate the engineering of this building.

There is no need to buy a ticket to get in the building, so on your way to the capital, stop the car and just get in to admire the stunning features on the building.

Big Ben

It is situated in Westminster and is also known because of the “Great Bell” of the lock. Normally, people call it clock tower or simply clock.

In 2012 Big Ben was officially named as the Elizabeth Tower under the shadow of Queen Elizabeth II, who were celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. This is a great place to pay a visit and you should add this to your, places to visit list.

St Paul’s Cathedral

A milestone to the London horizon is St Paul’s Cathedral. The dome of this cathedral and the height of architecture makes it one of its own kind and eye catching from the outer walls.

Since the 17th century, this cathedral standstill and it was also rebuilding after the Great Fire of London which almost conquered whole city. If you want to get inside the walls no one will stop, you and you are also allowed to have a detailed look.

And if you are interested to look it from the outside wall, then Millennium Bridge is the best choice for you, which flows over the River Thames directly ahead of St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Tate Modern

On the foot hills of River Thames, The Tate Modern is situated in an ex energy station.  It contains both the International and British advanced art as well as advertising someone’s off display.

The Tate Modern at least deserve one of your trips when you are in London, there is a lot to see such as the gallery building itself.

The Globe Theater

Close to The Tate Modern, The Globe Theater is situated there. With advanced engineering of the first theater which was dearly linked with William Shakespeare, which was initially constructed in the 17th century.

Unfortunately, this is not a free pass, you will have to purchase tickets to get in. There are many play underperformance and it is famous for the thatching, circular shape and open sky.

Tower Bridge

London’s most exemplary milestone crossing the river is Tower Bridge. Like most of London’s artifacts Tower Bridge was built in 19th century, it has bad reputation for its drawbridge resolution leaving tall ship no choice but to go down to the River Thames.

It is near to Tower of London and the closest Tube stations are London Bridge and Tower Hill.

The Shard

If you see a building far away and this building is the tallest among others, then bear it in mind that it’s the Shard. This place has many classical restaurants on the top, and a skyscraper is functioning here from 2013.

There is only one draw to The Shard, when you reach on the peak, you cannot see the building itself, so before going in fill your eye with the view of building

The Tower of London

This is an ancient tower which was construed in 1066. Castle was being used as a jail from 1100 till 1952. The Tower of London is enriched with history and is waiting for you to lock the doors for yourself.

If you are willing to see a sparkling jewel, then the crown jewel is a feast for your eyes, which can be viewed in a display at the building. To see some of the oldest in history, include Tower of London in your list.

The Gherkin

When you are heading forward to East London, make a stop at the Gherkin, a building that fits right for the word Gherkin. It is exemplary to the London horizons and I bet you do not want to miss this. there are no restricts for the entry as the building is an office.

Hyde Park

If it’s in the center of the city and is a gigantic park, then you are right, it is Hyde Park. You can view the door around the Kensington Palace which are situated at one end of park.

Hyde Park also has a memorising pond in the center, which is known as Serpentine. When the weather in London is good you can rent bicycles or do a tour on a boat.

Platform 9 ¾

If you are a harry potter fan, then that your cherry. To gives their visitors a feast they have permanently place this platform at King’s Cross Station.

Horse Guards Parade

This is a huge parade place, which is situated off of Whitehall close to Downing Street in Central London. There are some historical buildings also close to this ground and Horse Guards Parade also host many events for example Trooping of the Colors. Aligned with charming buildings, situated near to St James Park

Piccadilly Circus

A copy of New York’s Time’s Square is Piccadilly Circus. This place is always filled with rush and hustle and bustle advertisements. If you are thinking for an evening in Soho or West End, your journey will probably end here. The place has earned some credits, if you are thinking to watch it at night.

Downing Street

When you are willing to find a working British Prime Minister, don’t go elsewhere then 10 Downing Street. This place is near to Whitehall, and due to security reasons you can’t cross the gates but you can enjoy the view.

Changing of the Guards

If you have missed it once, you can visit it the next day, Changing of the Guards, is a routinely matter. Starting from April till end of July, right from 11.15 am and 12 pm, it takes place daily and for the remaining year, there are some alternate days. It is a must see, when one batch of guards, sign off from their duties and other one sing in for their duties is a beautiful scene.

Covent Garden

Convent Garden situated in the center of London, this place is round the place filled with rush. There are plenty of restaurant and shops as a feast for your eyes but heavy on the pocket. It is not necessary to shop form this place but you can roam around, buy yourself a coffee and enjoy windows shopping.

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